Boo Kitty.jpg

Boo Kitty: This is an example of an 8" x 10" portrait


I work with you to find the perfect photo or photos of your pet as inspiration for the portrait. Then I spend a generous amount of time developing each painting to capture the soul and personality of each animal. This very customized process is the same whether you want an 8" x 10" or a 16" x 20". All prices are for a one-of-kind finished acrylic painting on stretched canvas. I paint the sides so that you can hang your portrait without framing. But any frame shop can give you many options. If you are unable to pick up your painting, it can be shipped for an additional fee.

I am able to get many different canvas sizes and shapes (square shapes, etc.), but have listed the most common ones below.

Sizes and Prices (all on stretched canvas):

  • 8" x 10" --- $350

  • 9' x 12" --- $400

  • 11" x 14" --- $500

  • 16" x 20" --- $600

  • Larger than 16" x 20" --- $650 and up depending on size


Multiple animals in one painting: There is a $75 charge per additional animal. 

         Tax: 7.85% sales tax will be added to the above prices.

Lucy: This is an example of an 16" x 20" portrait