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Getting your own custom pet portrait from me is an easy and fun experience. And, you can usually have your pet portrait within two weeks. Some simple steps:


  1. Contact me via my contact form. I will get in touch with  you shortly!

  2. Decide on the size canvas you want and if there are special colors you would like me to consider. And tell me if there is a date you need your painting.

  3. A deposit of $100 holds your spot in my queue. I will email you an invoice payable with a credit card.

  4. Send me your pet photos by email. I love high quality photos with good contrast, great focus, eyes open and possibly looking at the camera. An open mouth or tongue hanging out add lots of personality. But not matter what, I can generally work from most people's photos. Also note- I can also take photos of your pet for an additional fee.

  5. Look over a photo of your portrait when it is close to completion. I will ask if you have any changes or tweaks.

  6. Pay the balance.

  7. Pick up your painting! Or, if you are not in the Twin Cities area, I can mail your painting for an extra charge.

I look forward to getting started on bringing your pet to life on canvas!

Basil 2019 Acrylic for Tianna
Basil original photo

Basil photos and Basil portrait- example of combining two photos into one portrait

Basil tongue photo
King original photo
King 2018 Acrylic for Andy

King photo and portrait

Ruby Acrylic On Canvas for Sarah Crippin

Ruby photo and portrait

Ruthie 1.jpg
10.24.22 Ruthie 9 x 12 acrylic on wood for Jason Alexander.JPG

Ruthie photo and portrait

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